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Hola! I’m Irene No,

a product (UI UX) designer

I design digital experiences for people.

Whether is for them having a WOW moment, or a smooth path where the user doesn’t even realise they were making a decision.

To achieve this goal, I have to be humble, listen, iterate the projects in name of the users, and start all over again until we make their lives just a bit easier, or better, or happier.


I adapt the process to user and business needs, resources and time. It depends on what we are trying to achieve, from building a new product from scratch, to fixing a feature to improve user experience.


Here are some things I might do:


If there are no PMs, be my own.

User research, business needs and technical constraints research.


Map and diagram the problem.

User flows, sketches, prototyping.



Obviously, with everything needed in between.

UX / UI work

Valuation model and portfolio management

End to end design

Launch strategy, research, UX, UI

REalyse UI Kit

End to end design

Research, UI / UX amends

Saving process

End to end design

Research, UX / UI

Create an account

Research, UX / UI

Salary Finance Design System

End to end design + Implementation strategy

Team and users research, Business Case, UI,

Personalised onboarding

Personal project

Research, UX / UI

Other design work

Still updating some of my work but you can have a look at these few projects and  my graphic design portfolio.


Let’s work together