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Product (UI UX) designer


I design digital experiences for people.

Whether is for them having a WOW moment, or a smooth path where the user doesn’t even realise they were making a decision.

To achieve this goal, I have to be humble, listen, iterate the projects in name of the users, and start all over again until we make their lives just a bit easier, or better, or happier.


Sometimes I have to build a new product, and sometimes it’s a “small” feature that will change the experience in the product.

I adapt the process to resources, time and needs. But these are the general steps I follow.

UX / UI work

Valuation model and portfolio management

End to end design

Launch strategy, research, UX, UI

REalyse UI Kit

End to end design

Research, UI / UX amends

Saving process

End to end design

Research, UX / UI

Personalised onboarding

Personal project

End to end design

Research, UX / UI

Create an account

End to end design

Research, UX / UI

Other design work

Still updating some of my work but you can have a look at these few projects and  my graphic design portfolio.


Let’s work together