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The client required an exhibition to travel all over France. The subject was about traditional comics Made in Spain. The project had the following challenges:

– Exhibition changed location every four days
– Different comic styles
– Had to be easy to pack and transport in a maximum of two trucks
– Tight budget
I proposed a solution of wooden modules. We implemented the solution as a team: a museographer, an architect, and me. Our implementation:

– Cost less than the tight budget
– Allowed quick assembly and disassembling, minimizing the no-show time
– Had quick access to electrical installation
– Integrated the wooden structure with the comics themselves, through comic style boxes, using these for three purposes:

  • For graphic and decoration support (cartoon dynamite wooden box)
  • To provide stabilization of the wooden structure
  • To serve as containers for the comic volumes when moving
  • Gave visitors access to further info through tablets attached to each module


The entrance/exit was different from the modules. The interior resembled spaces similar to those created in traditional Spanish comics. Thus, the visitor could sit like in a comic living room and enjoy their reading.


The wood structure, big comic book expressions, and simple graphics in basic colors distributed in a stochastic pattern emphasized the Spanish comic feeling.