About me / Contact
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About me / Contact


I am a multi-language multicultural graphic designer with management, marketing, and corporate strategy experience. I have worked for a broad range of clients from different origins -Spanish, French, Chinese, British, or American- in a wide variety of industries, developing and implementing 2D and 3D projects. Thus, I can adapt to different work environments, styles, requirements, and clients.


I have become a dynamic team player with well-developed ability to foster creativity into design solutions in a wide variety of projects and needs. I have proven I can add complementary and different viewpoints based on whom I have become; transcending what it was expected from me.


My international and diverse experience has taught me how to recognize what lies behind the client requirements, and it allows me to develop a better collaboration with them. I have learned how make the project a success and how to make it in collaboration with very diverse teams. Clients like The Sofa and Chair Company, Paloma Sanchez Joaillerie d’Art, CICC Bank, JP Morgan China, BOHAI Group, or Macquarie Engineering, have taught me that working fast while producing quality results is not only important, but basic in order to consistently deliver high standard solutions to clients.

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