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Macquarie needed a Mid-Autumn Festival card for both its workers and its primary customers. This festival is crucial for Chinese businesses and has a substantial cultural tradition. Macquarie wanted an exclusive design but didn ́t know how to land it.

I proposed to break some rules, always maintaining the Mid-Autumn traditional spirit. The CEO and other board members accepted my proposal.

My research showed that most Festival cards are similar to each other, have heavy designs, and use gold and red with profusion. Using the central festival symbols as anchors (the moon and the bunny), I redesigned them in a simple and attractive way. However, implementation was key:

  • The paper was not entirely white, as pure white means bad luck in Chinese culture
  • The support was exceptionally thick, not printed but stamped, with a texture that transmitted luxury and consideration for clients
  • The stamp in gold, but not too shiny, to convey elegance
  • The only information: best wishes and contact details
  • The size of the card not too big so it could be kept -many people used it as a bookmark afterward